Gingin District High School


Remediation of Fire Damaged Buildings


Department of Finance


1 Daw Street, Gingin WA 6503


Hart Architects

Project Value:


Completion Date:


Project Description:

Solution 4 Building were engaged as the head contactor by Minister for Works (Department of Finance) for the remedial construction works to fire damaged buildings at Gingin District High School.

  • Demolition of existing fire damaged areas
  • New concrete footings and external slab
  • Metal sheet roofing including safety mesh and insulation. Roof drainage system including gutters and downpipes.
  • New solid core timber swing doors and frames, aluminium window frames, door hardware, window treatments and rehanging of existing operable wall panels
  • Application of hardwall plaster to internal faces of masonry walls
  • New floor tiling, skirting tiles, splash back tiles and water proofing.
  • Installation of new floor coverings, cabinetry and joinery.
  • Painting of all new external and internal surfaces.